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A New Paradigm shift in Communications: sayHola takes privacy seriously. On sayHola, if you make a call or send a message, or engage in a multi-person conference call your communication will be entirely encrypted. That means NO ONE will be able to access your call, your chats, text, your mail, your files, your pictures or your messages.

It’s true, existing phone apps already promise phone privacy, and all for free! But, do you honestly believe phone apps owned by multi-billion dollar companies with millions of users collecting billions of bits of data can do all that for free? NO, we don’t believe it either. Phone apps need software engineers, servers, electricity, data management systems, hardware, software, offices and staff to help when there are issues. And, all that is not cheap.

We believe, like you and any economist, that the only way these huge operating costs are being covered is through the sale of the collected data! Let’s face it, there is nothing free in this world. Everything costs real money!
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Hola = Complete Privacy = Cost The costs of running Hola are completely covered by our Premium Service Users. sayHola Premium Service features are not only for private individuals but also used by many companies and business users globally. It is the combined income streams from these Premium users that fund sayHola How do we pay for Hola Yes, sayHola costs a little to use. But, it is very affordable! sayHola Premium Service has a low annual cost and comes with many features. We do offer a free lifetime service: sayHola Basic Service, which still has same intense security, but with a few less features. This paradigm shift in communications promises a risk free future for your personal and business privacy. And, having the basic service allows you to put our system to the test.

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Verb, action, spanglish

1. a compound action statement used as a suggestion
or imperative.
“sayHola me later!”
2. a digital App method to send a private verbal,
written, video or recorded communication sent to
or left for a recipient.
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