The simple truth is: MONEY. Looking at the program they offer and having done recruitment in the past with Amway, Pre paid Legal and another MLM long distance prepaid program, I said to myself if this commission chart and strategy is true then I have to do it!

$30 Dollars later I spent my first day on the phone telling my buddies about it. Most knew in the past I did Amway and said hell no. This forced me to take an all together different approach. Nothing like Amway teach you where you learn to recruit by tricking your friends to go to a meeting. This method angered a lot of my friends. I didn’t lose any, but now that I had found the sayHola program why would those same friends listen to me again?

I slept on it knowing that I had a week to promote the first part of the sayHola strategy. That night I came up with the solution: I would “guilt trip” them into the plan. I knew they all used Apps everyday and most wouldn’t read anything I send them. It was a good idea.

I started calling friends I chat with almost daily using Telegram and WhatsApp. I said things like, “Hey man, what’s up”. “I found this great App, you have to download it. I’m sending the link.” To Alan, I told him I was deleting whatsapp because of the conversation we had had on a previous night about WhatsApp spying on us. I told him I had done my research and sayHola was the best option, only thing was, it cost to use the Premium version. Alan asked me how much. I told him, “$30 a year!”. Ahhh, he said, “that ain’t shit”. Dang, Alan was my first sign-up. Now I had to get nine more.

I called another friend and said “Hey, Alan and I just signed up to a new App to use. It costs $30 a year, but super Private”. My first nine surprised me. Each one said “No problem, cheap for Privacy and Security”. I had 20 more do it by the end of day 2. But, now came the Hard part: I now had to explain to them how easy it was for me to encourage them to join a recruitment program for $30 and now they would have to do the same. How to explain that one? I had to sleep on it.

It was an honest approach? Please continue to part two to find out how I talked all my friends, cousins, uncles and aunts, co-workers, friends from Church and much more into doing the 5 week strategy and how I made a little less than $900K dollars in 3 months

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