sayHola Premium Services - only $29.99 yearly. A very small price for Global access to security and privacy for all your personal and business communications.

Share your data, files, ideas, messaging, photos with business, family and friends with clear knowledge that everything is encrypted and secure.

Slide Hola Premium includes all the basic features and more. (NEW) Auto Translator Instant Message Translation Functionality for incoming and outgoing text conversations. Dealing with business colleagues who do not speak your language can be complicated. Receiving messages on your phone and then copying and pasting into another translation app to read becomes hard labor. Conversation streams are broken, or the phone rings and you have to copy and paste all over again creates immense frustration. Not with Hola: Get Instant Message Translation right in the message window. Self Destruct Self Destruct Messages and Data in increments at your fingertips.

This isn’t Mission Impossible, it’s Hola. Send a message with a timer and once read it can be destroyed. Open messages on your system and once done with, eliminate. Destroy unwanted massages and data to ensure your own privacy and the privacy of your personal and business life.
Conference Calling Premium options offer up to 50 in network contacts on conference call.

Have you ever been overseas on business and had to speak to two colleagues or more at the same time. You don’t have a phone that works due to cellular network issues. We have. Hola solves that problem for your in network contacts ONLY. Join Hola and get connected globally for on the spot conferencing.

Encrypted Cloud Storage Your data is stored on your phone and in your digital cloud wallet with your private key. Impregnable Security, Absolute Privacy. A key feature we wanted when developing Hola was to have a cloud storage facility inside a digital wallet that would be accessible with a private key on any operating platform. We wanted this because nothing is worse than switching phone types but not being able to take your data with you. Hola solves this problem and ensures true accessibility to your digital property anytime, any place. Pin Entry First layer of protection is a 6 digit pin entry. Keep your data and text private.

Truth is, at one time or another we are preoccupied with other things and put our phones down. It’s too simple for another to pick it up and access your conversations. The Hola pin entry format prevents third parties slipping into your data. This instant security feature brings immediate peace of mind.
Invisibility Invisibility is the most asked for feature in text and phone apps globally, so 100% we provide it as a premium feature. Privacy does not only mean keeping your communications isolated from third parties, it can often mean keeping your presence confidential. Premium Service guarantees you're only visible when you want to be. We know the importance of personal time. We hope this feature will allow you that extra time for personal or business without being hounded by associates from your contact box.
Blockchain Wallet Use Hola Social Space and sell your products directly to subscribers. For payments, use secure blockchain technology with my xPay blockchain wallet.
With my xPay wallet you get state-of-art privacy, security and stability, with a fixed transactional cost to move fiat to xBit and vice versa. Unparalleled speed, low cost and efficiency engenders true trust, and fosters new mechanisms for business growth in the expanding global blockchain marketplace.
Social Space Hola Social Space - a safe and secure, private space for Business, Celebrities, Community, and Individuals without likes, comments and fake news.

Whoever you are, with Hola Social Space you can control your image and expand your presence with Geo-intelligence and direct your information with speed and accuracy. Just select a profile category and start posting! And, using options, turn on or off comments and likes! Clients interested will subscribe to your business or informational feeds, and when they want to reach you, they will click to have a private chat using the Hola communications system. With Hola Social Space you get accurate digital marketing: post products, activities and events. No scrolling, no clutter, just relevancy and results.
Extras Hola Communications Systems offers advanced features through an a la carte menu. Get what you need without the clutter.

Hola’s primary purpose is to maintain a Global Communications System built for those who demand genuine security and privacy. This requires us to rigorously guard our system and at the same time provide continuous advanced features that support our user base. These additional advanced features are provided through an a la carte options menu.
Storage Access All your Information on Hola App stored in one place and easy to locate.

Some App messaging systems are so complicated you can’t find where your data, pictures, or files are located. And, we all know, if you can’t find them you can’t delete them. Hola is all about improving the user experience. Hola makes storage easy to use and easy to find. And, because you can find what you are looking for you can delete. Proper data management is critical. We know you will be pleased.
Future Upgrades Hola represents the vanguard in cyber-technology and communications security and privacy. The constant pursuit of the development of Hola requires continuous and aggressive commitment to perfection. Real security and privacy demands great responsibility. We at Hola work hard, take great care and push our team to deliver improved features and advanced methods towards a very secure product. Dark Mode With so much demand on our eyes from smaller technology, Dark Mode reduces aggressive phone glare. Functionality is all important with Apps, but it is not everything. Hola added the option of Dark Mode in theme settings, allowing a user to shift the App background from light color shades to darker blacks and grey colors. This combination reverses the normal configurations and makes for a more viewable screen. Happy eyes for Happy Hola users.

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Verb, action, spanglish

1. a compound action statement used as a suggestion
or imperative.
“sayHola me later!”
2. a digital App method to send a private verbal,
written, video or recorded communication sent to
or left for a recipient.

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