Rewards are earned by registering to receive callOuts; and, by earning through Blog Subscriptions and Sponsor Advertising. Additionally, Rewards can be earned by participating in vendor store purchasing. If you’re registered as a sponsored Affiliate, all you have to do is accept the Terms of Use for callOuts.

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callOuts are used by individuals and businesses wanting to send large marketing campaigns. When an Affiliate registers to receive callOuts, they are required to select a minimum of 10 categories of interest. Categories vary from movies, dining, discounts, travel, finance, insurance etc. All callOuts are received within the callOut thread located at the top of the sayHola App. Participating parties wishing to send callOuts will select specific categories and geographical regions they plan to solicit. Registered Rewards members matching the specific Ad requirements will receive the callOuts. Affiliate information is always confidential.

How do you earn?

There are multiple ways to earn XPR Rewards.

Through callOut: 1. Receiving callOuts as an Affiliate individual (must open and read). 2. Receiving callOuts as as an Affiliate Sponsor (your downline must open and read).

Through Blogs & Advertising: Bloggers can receive subscriptions in XPR, including Revenue share from Advertising generated at their Blogs.

By participating in Vendor Store Purchase: Affiliates shopping at participating vendor stores can earn XPR loyalty Rewards.

Direct XPR transactions: Using XPR to purchase goods and services from participating vendors, Affiliates will pay low transaction costs or receive XPR Rewards back (see participating vendors).

By paying Attention: We value the interest our Affiliates pay to their sayHola App user experience. As such, if our users come across a ‘problem or bug’ in our system and submit a report, we will pay them for their efforts.

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Verb, action, spanglish

1. a compound action statement used as a suggestion
or imperative.
“sayHola me later!”
2. a digital App method to send a private verbal,
written, video or recorded communication sent to
or left for a recipient.

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