Slide Limitless Possibilities: sayHola Blogging sidesteps your need to purchase domains and hosting, even your need to know Programming, and better still, your need to rely on SEO capabilities (Search Engine Optimization). sayHola Blogging even offers Public search-ability and / or Private Blogging. And, that’s not all: Bloggers get to earn real income with shared advertising. We think it beats getting your own domain, hosting it, and then hunting for subscribers! For sayHola Premium Subscribers Only.

Starting a typical Blog means theme configuration, mastering SEO, website construction and then you need traffic and subscriptions. Blogs start with great ideas, but often fail to generate real interest due to lack of exposure opportunities. Very much like a new business, creating a Blog demands hard work, monetary risks with only hopes of rewards.
"Your typical blog is more a slog."

Slide Blogging on sayHola Blogging on sayHola allows users a fast and easy way to get started on their Blog. Select a title, choose Private or Public, charge subscriptions or free. And, with dynamic Admin access any adjustments are real-time. Starting your sayHola Blog with such ease gives more time to drive your Blog, generate Subscribers and, participate in guaranteed revenue sharing. That means sharing in the Subscription revenues from the sayHola Advertisers preferences. Advertising with us is a mutually beneficial outcome where everyone wins. Access to our monthly guaranteed revenue share is a great bonus. Come Blog with sayHola today.

Slide Blogging Are Basic sayHola users able to create Blogs? We understand Blogging can be genuine, fun, and make users significant income. But, we also know that Blogs can be misused for illegitimate or even nefarious purposes. To encourage an accountability towards community standards, sayHola only permits Blogging to be available to Premium users. Basic users may not be able to make their own Blogs, but they can still access Blogs. What are the benefits of Blogging on sayHola? Traditional website blogs require technical skills, knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, a domain name and, most of the time, monthly fees. sayHola blog comes with access to existing customer database, ability to convert subscribers into paid subscribers, and access to advertising revenues. Come blog with sayHola and increase your exposure. How do I earn money with Advertising? Simple, we require the blog to have more than 1000 followers. Once you achieve that, simply send us your application. The application is a one-time request, no need to give us any details. We review the notice, review your blog and we do the rest. Soon after approval, ads will appear within your blog. As soon as they appear you start receiving shared revenues, it’s that simple. What can I earn form the revenue share program? sayHola shared revenue percentages range from 5% – 45%, subject to the volume of subscribers on your Blog. When posting a Blog, what if I do not fill in all the boxes? The algorithm is smart enough to detect and formats the blog properly. All header photos will appear before any text and all footer photos appear after the blog text. Can I post photos throughout my blog? When posting a new blog from your cell phone app you won’t be able to post your photos throughout the blog. You will only be able to post photos on the blog header and footer. If you need to post photos throughout the blog, we recommend using the web version. What does hide Admin mean? The person who created the blog is the default admin. The admin has the ability to hide their information and / or ability to be contacted within the description by turning on “hide admin”. What does show notifications mean? If “show notifications” is turn on, you will receive push notifications that you have new subscribers. What does public mean? When “public” is turned on, you will be searchable to all the sayHola users globally. Turn it off and it requires that you invite users to subscribe to your blog. What happens if I delete my blog? Because sayHola is private and all data is encrypted, the data you store from your blog that is hosted in your personal encrypted storage will be removed and not recoverable. We suggest, if you want to suspend your blog, just turn on the Hibernate mode. What is Hibernate my blog? Think of it like “under construction” This will suspend the blog to your public and / or private subscribers to allow you to modify or just take a break from your blog. While turned on, your users will not be able to see or search your blog content. Can I post within my Blog my own sponsors and advertisers? Sure, but your blog must be set to “Private”. However, even as a Private Blog, you must always adhere to our Community Guidelines.

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